Review: The Company Burger

13 Oct
Company Burger with Bacon and Yard Egg

Company Burger with Bacon and Yard Egg

The burger craze is in full effect in New Orleans and the newest burger joint on the block is The Company Burger. Serving burgers, sides and beer is a pretty much fool-proof concept, but The Company Burger’s concept is not only fool-proof, but genius.

In my visits to The Company Burger I’ve tried just about everything. My favorite? The Turkey Burger. Yes, that may sound weird and health-conscious, but it’s the best turkey burger I’ve ever had. The patty is thin and juicy, but the tomato jam, green goddess dressing and arugula it comes standard with really push it over the top. I could eat one every day and die happy.

The Lamb Burger is also a solid choice, but falls just short of the Turkey Burger and the Company Burger if you ask me.

However, The Company Burger’s biggest seller is its antibiotic/hormone-free beef patty burgers. The only items complementing the beef patty? Red onions, American cheese and housemade bread and butter pickles. It’s simple, it’s grilled to perfection and it’s full of flavor. I can usually never resist adding bacon and a yard egg to mine. There’s nothing better than an egg yolk bursting in a burger and creating a rich, makeshift sauce.

Speaking of sauces, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the mayo bar at The Company Burger. All of the mayos are made fresh daily and there’s a mayo for every tastebud. The Basil Mayo is the best in my opinion. Especially when you dip the Sweet Potato Fries in it. I also like making my own Sriracha mayo which is something I wish they would add. The Company Burger also offers Baconnaise, but I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan. It was too sweet. The best part is that you can mix, match and sample as much as you want so the mayo combos are endless.

Company Burger Burgers and Onion Rings

The Company Burger, Brisket Sandwich and Onion Rings

The sides at The Company Burger are just as well done as the burgers. The Company Fries are handcut fries that always come out crispy and salted just right. Plus, the skin is left on which is always something I enjoy in a fry. The Sweet Potato Fries and Tater Tots are also great choices. As for the Onion Rings, they rank in the top three for onion rings I’ve ever had. Made with red onions, the batter and the sweetness of the red onion combine amazingly to create a heavenly onion ring.

On one visit, I was fortunate enough to sample the Brisket Sandwich. It was so great, I’m thoroughly disappointed it was a special. It held its own against most briskets I’ve had in Texas, and Texas is serious about brisket. The homemade cole slaw and brisket were an example of crunch, sweetness, saltiness and meatiness. On second thought, I’m glad it was a special because it would be trouble for my belly if it was a regular item.

Tin Roof Beer at Company Burger

Tin Roof Beer at Company Burger

The Company Burger has a great beer and cocktail selection that seems to be continuously expanding. Local beers and other beers from all over the country are available. I really enjoyed the Tin Roof I had on a recent visit. The cocktails are also meticulously crafted and worth sipping on.

If you still have room for dessert, The Company Burger has some very decadent brownies which are probably best split. There’s also a Carrot Cake, but I’ve yet to try it. I usually don’t have room for dessert after scarfing down my burger and fries.

The Company Burger is the perfect example of a neighborhood burger joint sticking to burger roots, but experimenting enough to please consumers from all aspects of life. This is a great place to bring anyone because if they can’t find something worth eating on the menu, there’s something wrong with them, not the restaurant.

The Company Burger is located at 4600 Freret St. and is open daily (with the exception of Tuesdays) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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