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SEC Championship Preview: LSU vs. UGA

American and LSU Flags

LSU if flying high

It’s the match-up that doesn’t matter (just don’t tell these Tigers): LSU vs. UGA. Well, I guess technically, it matters for the record books, but is anyone really under the impression LSU’s ticket to the BCS Championship isn’t already punched?

Other teams get to take a week off (Alabama) before heading into the bowl season, but LSU will look to make it win number 13. And for the record, I think the extra game helps LSU and couch surfing hurts Alabama.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of things, back to the game at hand. UGA comes in on a 10-game win streak after dropping it’s first two. LSU comes in on a 13-game winning streak dating back to last year’s Cotton Bowl.

On paper, not much separates these two teams. Both UGA and LSU allow less than 100 rushing yards a game and less than 200 passing yards per game. On offense, LSU averages 215 rushing yards per game versus UGA’s 180. UGA has a better passing attack at 255 yards per game to LSU’s 176. But the stats never tell the full story.

LSU’s passing game is built on efficiency rather than big plays. The Tiger rushing game is what pounds opponents into submission. I just don’t see this changing against UGA — no matter how stout the stats say the Bulldog run defense is.

The LSU special teams will also play a factor as they have all season. LSU is allowing a ridiculously low 0.46 yards per punt return — less than a foot and a half! If there’s a record for fewest punt return yards allowed for the season, this has to be it.

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Another huge factor pointing to an LSU victory is experience. LSU has more big-stage experience at this point and knows how to not only play on the big stage, but to excel on it. Despite the game taking place in Georgia, I know the Tiger faithful will travel well and override the Georgia supporters in the Georgia Dome.

I see LSU running and running and running and coming up with defensive stops play after play to make this is a routine contest. I’ll take the Tigers by a score of 37-13.

LSU has seized it’s BCS destiny this year and it seems the whole team is aware of the stakes of every game. Thirteen and Eaux is about to become a reality in Atlanta. Forget Christmas and New Year’s, Jan. 9 is the most important date circled on Tiger players and Tiger fans calendar. Start the countdown to a Tiger Takeover in New Orleans!

Here’s some pregame entertainment for you: Protectors of the SEC.


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LSU-Arkansas Game

LSU Defeats Arkansas 41-17

LSU Defeats Arkansas 41-17

Ah, Death Valley, it was great to be back. We hadn’t hung out since the LSU-Auburn game in 2009. That one was a blowout and thankfully, so was yesterday’s game against those pesky Razorbacks from Arkansas.

I have to admit, coming into this game, I was a little nervous about the possibility of an upset. But these Tigers just seem to be on a different level than any other team in the nation.

I had forgotten how bad the traffic in Baton Rouge can get so I did not enjoy the one-hour trip turning into a two-hour trip. That was all forgotten once I was tailgating with the crew on the pristine LSU campus. I didn’t have long to tailgate. Two strong bloody marys and it was time to head to the stadium.

Fellow blogger Dat Tiger Fan hooked me up with a great ticket in Section 221. If you check his blog, you’ll figure out this guy know his football. His prediction for the LSU-Arkansas game? A 38-17 LSU victory. He was only off by a field goal.

12 and Eaux

12 and Eaux

It was great to be back on the scene taking in the atmosphere of Tiger Stadium, doing the LSU cheers and listening to The Golden Band from Tigerland.

Once the game started, Arkansas got out to a 14-0 lead and had me thinking my fear of an upset might become a reality. But the Tigers didn’t panic, didn’t hang their heads and got their acts together and took off on a 41-3 run to clinch a spot in Atlanta in the SEC Championship. And more than likely, a spot in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Jan. 9 for a chance to play for another BCS Championship.

A lot of people are expecting the championship game to be a rematch of the LSU-Alabama game. While I do agree LSU and Alabama are the two best teams out there, I don’t think a rematch is fair. Alabama failed to win it’s division, conference and its home game against LSU. The Crimson Tide had their chance and couldn’t seal the deal while LSU passed every test put in front of it.

The Golden Band from Tigerland

The Golden Band from Tigerland

Why should Alabama be rewarded with an extra week off while LSU is forced to play the Georgia Bulldogs for the SEC Championship? A game that will be another Top 25 matchup for LSU. That’s eight games against Top 25 foes for those of you keeping score at home. How many Top 25 teams has Alabama faced? Five. Yet another reason Alabama is undeserving of a rematch.

This LSU team has accomplished more in the regular season than any team before it (in LSU school history and in NCAA history). Now it’s off to Atlanta to add the SEC Championship trophy to the hardware case. I’m still debating whether or not to make the trip to Atlanta. Stay tuned…


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LSU-Alabama Game

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

What. A. Game.

Some people may have wanted more points, more big plays or even a different outcome, but this was SEC defensive football at its best. No touchdowns, only two teams in the trenches battling to determine who really was #1.

Thankfully, there would be no change at the top of the ranking this week, and the LSU Tigers would remain atop the rankings and on track for the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans.

My sister and I ventured to Tuscaloosa for the game and had a blast! The weather was perfect, the campus was beautiful and the fans were accommodating before and after the game.

Tailgating Setup

The Tigalaya Tailgating Spot

The worst part of the trip was actually waiting for the game to start. The anticipation had been building for weeks so as it got closer, the wait seemed to drag out and time seemed to come to a standstill.

Some of the folks from invited us to their tailgating party since we didn’t have actual tickets to the game. They turned out to be a very hospitable group and I can’t wait to tailgate with them in Baton Rouge or at another away game.

As for the game itself, like I mentioned it was a real battle. There’s not doubt in my mind LSU and Alabama deserve to be the top two teams in college football. And with Alabama only dropping to four after its loss, I think a rematch is a real possibility — and rightly so.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

I’m not sure what Alabama coach Nick Saban was thinking playing for field goals over field position throughout the game. Those three missed field goals in regulation were killer.

The other huge play was the LSU interception at the goal line. Alabama fans were complaining about the interception call, but it was clear to me it was an interception. One that saved the game, and maybe season, for the Tigers.

After the game, the fans in Tuscaloosa weren’t too despondent and several were even congratulatory. I’m not sure I would have had the stomach to be so kind if LSU had lost, but then again, I’m uber-competitive.

American and LSU Flags

The flags at the tailgating spot

No matter how this season plays out, the overtime thriller in Tuscaloosa was a classic defensive game that came down to the wire. Last night my sister and I came up with eight reasons it was a great win for the Tigers. Unfortunately, after the alcohol wore off, my memory can only recall six:

  1. It was 1 vs. 2.
  2. It was on the road in Tuscaloosa.
  3. It was another victory over Nick Saban.
  4. It was a close game.
  5. It went to OT.
  6. It was decided on the last play of the game.

Now LSU just has to win it’s next three games and the SEC Championship to ensure it’s spot in the BCS Championship Game. Geaux Tigers!

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