A Po’ Boy Livin’ Rich

21 Sep

I would put up a disclaimer, but if you’re reading this, you’re obviously smart enough to realize that any opinions I post are mine and no one else’s.

I live in uptown New Orleans. I love this city and this state, but I’m well-traveled enough to have a worldly view of all things around me. My intent with this blog is to chronicle the little joys in my life: food, sports, entertainment (TV, movies, books) and life in general. So you may find recipes, TV reviews, movie reviews, photos, whatever strikes my mood. And as a Gemini, my mood tends to change a lot.

I’m sort of an old soul. I tend to get along with people in their 30s and 40s more than I do with people close to my age or younger. That said, I rarely meet people I don’t like and if I consider you a friend, I’m there for you no matter what.

I tend to speak my mind and always have an opinion. I do possess the ability to see all sides of an issue or argument. I tend to tell people what they NEED to hear versus what they WANT to hear.

I’m sarcastic (although nothing I’ve typed so far is).

Peach Tart

Peach Tart from Chez Castle (My Kitchen)

I love to cook. For me, it’s the easiest way for me to express my creative side. With food there are infinite possibilities based on the ingredients one has in hand. I have the ability to take whatever five to ten ingredients I have and create usually delicious things out of them.

I’m sometimes accused of being too into sports, but I have a very competitive nature and watching sports provides an outlet for that.

I rarely get mad or hold a grudge (life’s too short). I tend to believe that adults are just that, adults. Therefore, I treat everyone with respect and believe that people are going to do what they are going to do and can’t necessarily be controlled. I still, at times, get disappointed in people, but I truly believe that friendships are priceless.

Maybe that all sounds mushy, but I get that way sometimes. It’s not something I regret because I don’t believe in regrets and have none.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I’m excited about putting my thoughts and opinions down. But as with life, I always enjoy the ride.
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One response to “A Po’ Boy Livin’ Rich

  1. donna

    September 21, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    hmmmm….maybe i should start one too? how about “D, stuck in the D?”


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