Recipe: Silken Tofu with Kimchi

06 Sep
Silken Tofu with Kimchi

Silken Tofu with Kimchi

Looking for a vegetarian entree or appetizer that’s full of spice and loaded with nutrition? Look no further. This recipe for Silken Tofu with Kimchi is delicious and takes about 15 minutes to make.

Kimchi is a Korean dish that’s a spicy blend of spicy peppers, cabbage and other Asian vegetables. I used storebought kimchi I got from our local Asian market, but feel free to make your own. Here’s a recipe.


  • 1 block silken tofu
  • 1 cup kimchi, minced
  • 6 tsp soy sauce (I use reduced sodium)
  • 4 tsp chili oil
  • 1 TBSP sesame seeds
  • Silken Tofu with Kimchi

    Silken Tofu with Kimchi makes a great entree or appetizer

  • Chopped scallions, for garnish


  1. Boil a pot of water and add tofu and simmer until the tofu is warmed through. This should take about 5 or 6 minutes.
  2. Drain the tofu.
  3. Divide the tofu evenly between 2 bowls (or 4 if making as an appetizer). Drizzle each portion with half of soy sauce and half of chili oil. Divide kimchi evenly atop both bowls of tofu.
  4. Garnish with green onions and sesame seeds, then serve.
Silken Tofu with Kimchi

Silken Tofu with Kimchi serves 2 to 4

I was surprised at just how much flavor is in this dish given the limited amount of ingredients and easiness to prepare it. The only problem is that I was left wanting more.

While this can be served as an entree or an appetizer, it’s probably better as an appetizer as the portions are small. I chose to eat mine as an entree as I had a tennis match to play an hour later so I wanted something light. This Silken Tofu with Kimchi definitely fit the bill.


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3 responses to “Recipe: Silken Tofu with Kimchi

  1. richardmcgary

    September 6, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Nice recipe. We love Kimchi and tofu. I have been pondering making my own Kimchi for a while now. I make my own sour pickles and recently purchased a 5 L Harsch Gairtopf Fermenting Crock Pot for that purpose. Your post may now have pushed me over the edge so I must do the Kimchi.

    • poboylivinrich

      September 6, 2012 at 11:01 am

      I say go for it! I recently pickled watermelon rinds for my first pickling experience. It was a lot easier than I expected.

      • richardmcgary

        September 6, 2012 at 11:09 am

        Pickling isn’t very hard at all. In fact, it’s a whole lot easier than canning and better for you. So far, I’ve stayed pretty basic with cucumbers, green tomatoes and jardiniere but I really have been wanting to try Kimchi. It’s moving higher on the list of things to do, right up there with smoke curing my own bacon. 🙂


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